Update log 1 month ago
Limited resolution to 1080p
Optimized video encoding More info
Overlay size is now scaled to resolution
Added ability to upload private videos
Work in progress:
- watch time statistics
- Profile page redesign
- Invite system for users
- Klipp manager with basic functions
Opimized encoding
Optimized the behaviour of the encoder:
- Had to limit the final videos resolution to a maximum of 1080p. The reason behind this is to save on storage and bandwidth.
- Fixed the sizing of the overlay so that it stays the same size no matter the resolution of the video.
- Fixed slow encoding of uploaded videos! Approximate encoding times based on resolution (keep in mind that this could vary depending on bitrate):
- 2k: 1/2 the length of the video
- 1080p: 1/3 the length of the video
-720p: 1/8 the length of the video
-480p: 1/11 the length of the video


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